Did You Bring the Batteries?

Flight #12 - The M30 Drone Light Show

May 14, 2022 Season 1 Episode 12
Did You Bring the Batteries?
Flight #12 - The M30 Drone Light Show
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With the M30 moving from theoretical object to something that is on store shelves, the RMUS team finally got their hands on DJI's newest ship. That is why we assembled our in-house experts to provide you with our impressions of what this drone can do and how it behaves in the real world. We also invited KC Sealock, the lead pilot of Pixis Drones on our podcast to discuss the growing phenomenon of drone light shows replacing firework displays. KC explains the complexities of having 500 drones in the air at one time.

This episode's cast includes:

Bryan Calhoun - Podcaster in Command (host), RMUS
Chad Walker - Director of Training, RMUS
Jacob Bradford - Certified Drone Technician, RMUS
KC Sealock - Lead Pilot, Pixis Drones

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DJI M30 Flight Mechanics
Comparison with a DJI M300 and Mavic
DJI RC Plus remote controller details
Final thoughts on M30 performance and features
KC Sealock and drone light show impact on environment
Setup of drones for light shows
How to prevent or lessen mishaps that occur during shows
How large quantities of drones are simultaneously flown
Difficulties in where drone light shows can operate
Increased popularity and market audience