Did You Bring the Batteries?

Flight #16 - The Counter-UAS Episode

July 11, 2022 Season 1 Episode 16
Did You Bring the Batteries?
Flight #16 - The Counter-UAS Episode
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For the first time in months, Did You Bring The Batteries? (Powered by RMUS), is back at full strength. Now that everyone is back, we talk in detail about the things we saw over the past few months. In this episode, we're joined by a counter-UAS expert who discusses what it is, the challenges involved and why it is so important to the whole UAV industry. We review the new DJI Matrice 30 in more detail now that we had the stick time to really judge it. Also explored is the swarm flight system that allows you control multiple Teal Golden Eagle aircraft simultaneously.

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This episode's cast includes:

Bryan Calhoun - Podcaster in Command (host), RMUS
Kevin Toderel - General Manager, RMUS
Fraser Hahn - Director of Technology, RMUS
Chad Walker - Director of Training, RMUS
Jacob Bradford - Certified Drone Technician, RMUS
Dave B. - Counter UAS Expert

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Discussion on the new DJI Matrice 30 series
Different drones that have evolved across niches
New Freefly Systems drones and specialty payloads
Swarm flight systems involving multiple drones
Limitations to number of drones operated at once
Definition of counter-UAS and real life examples
Methods to implement counter-UAS
Changes in technology impacting counter-UAS solutions