Did You Bring the Batteries?

Flight #17 - The Drone Analyst

July 25, 2022 RMUS Unmanned Solutions Season 1 Episode 17
Did You Bring the Batteries?
Flight #17 - The Drone Analyst
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For the past 16 episodes, the cast of Did You Bring The Batteries?  has gone in-depth on a number of drone products, services and unique use cases (like natural disaster relief or counter-UAS work); however, we had not yet examined the industry as a whole. To correct this knowledge gap, we invited our friend, former DJI guru and current drone researcher, David Benowitz, to discuss the past, present and future of the drone industry.  We go over trends, technology that is shaping the industry today and what the next evolution might look like.

David will also be launching the annual DroneAnalyst industry survey and looking for industry members to take part. If you are interested in helping David and his team identify the current state of the industry, participate in the survey here

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This episode's cast includes:

Bryan Calhoun - Podcaster in Command (host), RMUS
Kevin Toderel - General Manager, RMUS
David Benowitz - Head of Research, DroneAnalyst

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Introduction to David Benowitz
Evolution of an enterprise company
Geopolitics involved in the drone industry
Marketplace trends between companies and technology
Summary of the current trends customers should be aware of
Older trends that consumers have moved on from
State of software in the drone industry
David's outlook on investment in the drone industry
Countries and companies expected to make technological progress