Did You Bring the Batteries?

Flight #20 - Dawn of a New Era of Drone Podcasting

September 12, 2022 RMUS Unmanned Solutions Season 1 Episode 20
Did You Bring the Batteries?
Flight #20 - Dawn of a New Era of Drone Podcasting
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This week the team is joined by drone media mogul Dawn Zoldi. The Dawn of the drone industry gives our team some tips on how to grow a media empire, what the next big drone trends are, who to keep an eye on, which companies will have the biggest impact on the industry in the short term, and what can be done to control drone traffic when drones become as popular as cars. We also give our thoughts on DJI's new quadcopter the DJI Avata

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This episode's cast includes:

Bryan Calhoun - Podcaster in Command (host), RMUS
Fraser Hahn - Director of Technology, RMUS
Kevin Toderel - General Manager, RMUS
Dawn Zoldi - CEO, P3 Tech Consulting

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Dawn, how did you get started in drone media?
You started with a podcast and it's evolved. Tell us about where you are today.
What's your take on drone media and the content people are asking for?
What is that common denominator that we can use to bridge the knowledge gap?
Let's talk about where we are right now with automation and what can we accomplish in the near future?
Looking at technologies that are converging in the ecosystem, which single one, if you had to pick, do you think will have the greatest impact the short term?
Will siloed industries that adopt these technologies first be the ones that grow the fastest?
Collaboration aside, has the group improved significantly? Are they catching up to China?
Let's explore niche markets. There are a lot of niche areas today where you don't have to sell 50,000 units a year to make money.
How would you solve the issue of traffic control for drones?
Who do you think are the people to watch for the short term?