Did You Bring the Batteries?

Flight #26 - Where Autonomy Meets AI

March 03, 2023 RMUS Unmanned Solutions Season 1 Episode 26
Did You Bring the Batteries?
Flight #26 - Where Autonomy Meets AI
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In this episode, we launch the RMUS Autonomy Lab. To mark this special occasion, we speak with two of our Lab partners, Johann Beukes (Levatas) and Scott Nokleby (Ontario Tech University), about drone autonomy and AI applications.

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This episode's cast includes:

Kevin Toderel - General Manager, RMUS (host)
Johann Beukes - Levatas, Chief AI Officer
Scott Nokleby - Ontario Tech University, Associate Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science

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Johann Beukes introduction
Scott Nokleby introduction
Overview of Ontario Tech’s MARS Lab autonomy projects
Autonomous robots: Predicted not random
Autonomy projects Levatas is working on
How to get robot to work within safety barriers
Applying autonomy to enterprise problems
Building out the hardware to collect data
Are people surprised by the amount of data they are collecting?
Change management communication is key for success
Can we use AI to automate some of the decision making
In the field, how would this work?
Strong partners with expertise in this area are needed
Examples of what works out of the box with Levatas analytics
What Scott is looking forward to working on over the next year