Did You Bring the Batteries?

Flight #28 - Orchestrating UAS Automation

June 28, 2023 RMUS Unmanned Solutions Season 1 Episode 28
Did You Bring the Batteries?
Flight #28 - Orchestrating UAS Automation
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In this episode of Did You Bring the Batteries, we welcome Edwin Sanchez from Votix, the groundbreaking platform changing the world of drone automation. Votix is a hardware-agnostic solution that delivers comprehensive drone automation, orchestration and remote operation capabilities. Our discussion covers effective strategies for managing integrated systems, live streaming flight videos to anyone, anywhere, remotely operating drones, risk reduction, and more. 

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This episode's cast includes:

Kevin Toderel - General Manager, RMUS (host)
Edwin Sanchez - CTO, Votix

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How to effectively manage integrated systems
There is a lack of awareness of the tools available
How Votix approaches streaming and why it's important for different applications
Streaming capability is drone agnostic: Live stream from any drone through the cloud to multiple people in different locations
Enabling autonomy and box technology
Ideally, software specific, relatively small box and wide range of sensors
A holistic perspective on reducing risk
Summary of the most impactful implementation to date